Customisation: Making Your Car Your Own

Of course, when customising your car you walk a fine line between coming across as an informed sophisticate who’s not afraid to bend his car to his will and looking like some sort of boy racer stereotype. Here we’ll walk you through every step of that tightrope walk…

Personalised plates? Some think they lend their car a certain sense of prestige and personal ownership… Others think they’re naff.

When all’s said and done, the only opinion that really matters is your own. If a private plate will make your driving more pleasurable, go ahead and get one. It’s an easy and administratively light process to source them and getting them on is a doddle. Just don’t forget your original. Without it you could automatically fail your MOT. Our only caveat is that you keep is classy. A variation on your name, nickname or profession is all well and good buy don’t expect people not to judge you if you’re driving round in B16 80Y

Chips and remapping: These are modifications that remap your ECU to boost or otherwise influence your engine’s performance. If you choose to do this, however, be aware that it comes with inherent risks. ECU modifications are technically legal, but they’re still a bit on the dodgy side, and can create problems for your engine later on down the line. They may also create issues if the engine (or part of it) is recalled by your manufacturer. Volkswagen, for example, will not install the ECU update that fixes the Nox emissions issue

Car stereos: Bluetooth technology and screen mirroring solutions have made the humble infotainment system a powerful and multifaceted tool for drivers. Pick up one of these sweet aftermarkets Bluetooth equipped stereo systems and refit your boot with aftermarket speakers encompassing your tweeters for sharp high frequency notes, subwoofers for deep meaty bass and sturdy mid- range speakers for everything in between. Just make sure you’re considerate with your volume, especially waiting at lights. The old lady trying to cross the road may not share your passion for late ‘90s hip hop.

Sports seats: If you’ve made modifications to your vehicle to make it sportier, you also owe it to yourself to get a sports seat that will give you the support you need. The last thing you want is to lose control of your vehicle as you’re sliding around in your seat on a tight corner.